New Music Video – Good Things To Last

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new music video for “Good Things To Last” from our album “Treasures That We Seek”! The video was directed and produced by our friend Gavin Knox and stars Jordan Prince as the spritely young man. The video follows the story of a spritely young man who awakens with the dawn to go for a brisk jaunt. He encounters familiar faces and one confused soul who is attempting to plug a house lamp into a bush, leading to a surprising and unexpected ending in a game of chess.

Kevin walking into the scene. What could he be up to?

The song “Good Things To Last” is a reflection on the importance of cherishing the good things in life and not taking them for granted. The lyrics, written by Ida Jane Wilke, express the desire to hold onto the good things forever, but also the realization that everything will pass.

Jordan waking up or going back to sleep?

The vocals by Ida Jane Wilke, the bass by Kevin Nichols, the mandolin and vocal harmonies by Ryan Hanson, and the drums by Shawn Crawford, all recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sam Lay at Anjuna Recording Studio, come together to create a powerful and emotional performance that perfectly complements the message of the song.

Ida, Ryan and Shawn playing to the song.

We hope that the music video, directed and produced by Gavin Knox and starring Jordan Prince, will resonate with our fans and that they will enjoy it as much as we do. The visual storytelling and creative use of imagery perfectly captures the message and meaning of the song.