Live on KBVR’s Locals Live show

Ida Jane & The Weekend Gardeners were excited to announce that we performed live on KBVR’s Locals Live show. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our music and connect with new fans.

Locals Live is a fantastic program that has been running for many years, and it was a great platform for up-and-coming musicians from across the country to showcase their talents. The show featured a wide variety of musical genres, and the production values were top-notch, thanks to the hardworking student TV crew.

The show was streamed live on the KBVR website at and on the live YouTube stream. Fans could watch the live stream at 10am, with interviews and live performances by Ida Jane & The Weekend Gardeners. This was a great opportunity for our fans to see us perform live and get to know us better. We hope that you tuned in and enjoyed the show!

We would like to thank KBVR’s Locals Live show for giving us this opportunity and providing a platform for independent music and new talents. This was a great opportunity for our band to connect with new fans and showcase our music. If you’re a fan of live music, then we hope you tuned in and watched us live on KBVR’s Locals Live show! Check out all of our upcoming live shows here.