Album Release – Treasures That We Seek

We are excited to announce that our new EP, “Treasures That We Seek” is out today! This EP is a collection of songs that we have been working on over the past few months, and we can’t wait for our fans to hear it.

The EP features four songs, each with its unique sound and style. The first track, “Treasures That We Seek” sets the tone for the EP with its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics. The second track, “Sunken Secrets” is a more introspective and contemplative song, while the third track “Good Things To Last” is an emotional and powerful ballad. Lastly, the fourth track “Communion” is a song that encourages to come together and cherish the good things in life.

The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sam Lay at Anjuna Recording Studio in Portland, OR. The band, Ida Jane & The Weekend Gardeners, are featured on the EP with Vocals by Ida Jane Wilke, Bass by Kevin Nichols, Electric guitar, mandolin and vocal harmonies by Ryan Hanson, and Drums by Shawn Crawford.

We hope that our fans will enjoy the EP and find something that speaks to them in each of the songs. While the meaning behind the songs can be interpreted in different ways, we want our fans to listen to the songs and make their own connections to the music.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp.

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